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Customer Enquiries + Refund Policy

1. About Our Service
1.1 Customer Calls Ltd provide an easy-to-use UK based Information, Connection and Signposting Service (ICSS) which is registered with and regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) who are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill. You can find out more about the PSA and ICS Services on their website

1.2 Our call connection service connects you to the organisation you need to speak to quickly and simply via our premium rate telephone numbers. Each landing page on our website gives you a wide range of information on the organisation and the choice of call connection should you wish to use it. If you’d prefer to find the direct number elsewhere, we also give you the URL for the organisation which you can click on and be directed to their website to continue searching.

1.3 If you are a mobile user (and your number is not withheld) at the end of the call to one of our premium rate numbers we will send you a billable SMS text message with the name, direct number, opening times and website URL of the organisation you were looking for. You can use this direct number in the future to contact the organisation directly. Please note that the billable mobile information SMS feature is only available on per-call services, and if you are using our service that charges per minute you will not receive a billable SMS. By using our service and calling one of our premium rate numbers, you acknowledge and agree that we may contact you in this way. We will not text you in any other circumstances.

1.4 The cost of calling 09 numbers is made up of two parts: an ‘Access Charge’ going to your phone company, and a ‘Service Charge’ set by Customer Calls. All of our promotions clearly detail the Service Charge you will incur by using our services.

1.5 Access Charges are an additional charge which is charged by your phone company on top of the Service Charge from Customer Calls. This charge is not set by us, and we have no control over it. Access Charges will vary depending on your phone company and can range from 8p to 73p per minute. Please contact your network provider to find these exact charges are before using our service.
For reference, you can find out more about access charges set by your network and the cost of calling on the Ofcom website:

2. Customer Enquiries & Refunds

2.1 We take pride in offering a cost-effective, useful service so in the unlikely event that you are not totally satisfied with the service you have received from Customer Calls, please let us know as soon as possible.

2.2 Please visit our customer support portal in the first instance; we’ve created a range of helpful articles that answer the most common questions or queries. You can also raise a ticket to request a refund of your service charges if you are not entirely satisfied with the service you have received from Customer Calls. We aim to respond to all refund requests within 3 working days of receipt (and no later than 5 working days), excluding bank holidays. For any queries that are not answered by the support portal, please write to us directly.

2.3 We will investigate your refund request and will update you with our findings and provide reasons for our decision. Where we reasonably consider that a valid and legitimate refund request has been made, we will inform you of this and provide you with an estimated date by when we aim to have processed the refund. Refunds are processed in accordance with paragraph 3 below.

2.4 You can contact us using the following methods:

• Web form via our customer support portal:
• Telephone: 0800 031 6574
• Post: Customer Calls Ltd. 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ

2.5 To help us resolve your enquiry and process your refund as quickly as possible, we require:

• Your name
• Your email address
• Your telephone number
• 09 number dialled
• A copy of your phone bill showing the charges
• Bank account details

2.6 In most situations, where a consumer is not entirely satisfied with the service they have received from Customer Calls, an ex-gratia refund will be offered via bank transfer of the Service Charges incurred, on the understanding that this is without prejudice and is hopefully seen as a real gesture of our goodwill.

2.7 Customer Calls is not responsible for your phone provider’s Access Charge. This is an additional charge which is charged by your phone company on top of the Service Charge from Customer Calls. This charge is not set by us, and we have no control over it. Refunds of access charges should be directed to your network provider in the first instance as they impose and collect this charge, not Customer Calls. Any refunds which may be processed by Customer Calls for Access Charges are provided as an ex-gratia payment and do not form part of our standard refund policy.

2.8 To process a refund, we will require a copy of the user’s phone bill so that we can verify the use of our service. We have no interest in any other call / billing data so this information should be removed / struck out as appropriate.

2.9 Once the calls to our service have been verified and we have determined that a refund is the appropriate remedy in line with paragraph 2.3 above, a refund payment will be sent via bank transfer to the bill payer. We aim to issue refunds promptly and in any event within 14 working days of your initial complaint. Please note that we are unable to refund charges directly to your phone bill account, as this is out of our control.

3. About This Policy

3.1 This policy was last updated on 22/03/2023 and applies in respect of all use of our ICS Service from that date until the policy is further updated.

3.2. Any changes to this policy will be published and dated.

3.3 If you have any questions or queries about this policy, please contact us using the available contact routes listed in paragraph 2.4 above.